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There is hope for those suffering from genetic diseases & disorders.


Our Mission

Advocate for real cures on behalf of those suffering from genetic diseases and reduce healthcare expenses for everyone.

Our goal is to raise awareness about the obstacles standing between those with genetic diseases and real cures. By raising awareness about curative medicine, we can significantly reduce the long-term healthcare costs associated with outdated and expensive treatments. Real cures can prevent unnecessary human suffering and ultimately lower the costs of everyone’s healthcare.
— Ryan/STC Founder


  • Like our Facebook page and help us raise awareness about cures.

  • Continually drive education, awareness, and fundraising through all channels.

  • Organize online & community events for the benefit of those impacted by genetic diseases.

  • Collaborate with relevant stakeholders & groups in the medical, biotech, and pharmaceutical industries, as well as government, to advocate for ongoing trials of experimental gene therapy that leads to a safe, affordable, and timely cure for genetic diseases.

our story

Spread the Cure® was founded in 2018 by a dad of two kids with hemophilia. Our initial goal was to raise awareness about the cure for Hemophilia Type A. Based on early success, this goal evolved into a vision to raise awareness about cures for people with genetic diseases that will ultimately reduce healthcare costs for everyone.® is a nationwide 501(c)(3) organization that aims to create awareness, and raise capital, to overcome the numerous obstacles standing between those who suffer from genetic diseases and a real cure. My two boys have endured countless trips to the ER, extended hospitalizations, a lifetime of weekly IV treatments, regular episodes of internal bleeding, extensive external bruising, debilitating joint pain, arthritis, surgeries, and the list of costly and painful treatments continues until they’re cured. We don’t share our story often, but here is a link to public images of others suffering from hemophilia. The cure to this disease, and hopefully many others, will transform lives and save our healthcare system countless billions in medical expenses.

After battling the insurance companies, government programs, healthcare companies, and the seemingly endless bureaucracy standing between patients and a solution to this costly & deadly disease, we created Spread the Cure to find ways to remove the obstacles. We hope to create safe, affordable & timely access to a cure thanks to ethical & safe revelations through CRISPR technologies.

Prior to recent developments, it would cost a minimum of $270,000 annually to properly treat one person with hemophilia. The lifelong financial burdens leave most families in turmoil as they seek compassionate employers, adequate insurance and the medications necessary to live. Without adequate and timely treatment, many people with severe cases of hemophilia endure extreme physical suffering and die before reaching adulthood.

Prior to current medications, the average life expectancy was 13 years of age.

With your help, we hope to remove financial obstacles standing between patients & a cure. We view our organization as an opportunity to do our part to help fix a broken and unfair healthcare system, particularly for anyone born with genetic diseases caused by a single-gene being out of order.

The former and current healthcare system fails to address severe genetic diseases, driving many families into perpetual poverty as their only means to qualify for long-term, affordable healthcare. There are countless untold stories about the obstacles that those with hemophilia have encountered as they seek treatment. Very few companies, nor individual states, nor the federal government are willing to take on the costs associated with providing a permanent solution. The social stigma and the financial burdens leave many families in a difficult situation.

Through donations, corporate sponsorships, and fundraising events, we will be strong advocates on behalf of individuals & families affected by diseases caused by genetic disorders. We will work tirelessly to overcome obstacles that stand in the way of safe, affordable & timely access to a cure.

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